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Surrounded by so many, people think I am lucky Cared by millions, this heart still goes empty. walking on earth for 34 anos, got me filled with so many desires I made through few of them, realized rest were because of others. One tries his best, to be someone, He crawls, drags himself, even tries to run The moment you feel something is achieved People who cared, will make you feel deceived. One is born, taught and finally gets married Has to be responsible till he is buried Do's and Don's of this society, Will turn down all, which used to be your priority. What you wanna be , what is your passion!! seems just for resume, you need to mention. I might not be organized and may be lazy but one thing is sure, I am crazy I am crazy for love and living may be you all miss, cause mismatch in thinking. I am sure one day this world will know, But I can't wait for me to go. I would love if you all understand me or else I am a free bird and so I consider you all to be Yet long way to go with you all, either join me for the trip or I LOVE MY TANHAYEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Apr 17, 2020

Stupendous work!


Apr 17, 2020

Brilliant write up !!

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