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Remembrance Is A Sweet Pain

Dedicated to those hearts, who feel a void when someone goes to place which you can't reach out but that person starts living inside you with all the memories you shared. Cherish those memories and keep him alive within you!!!

Somewhere down it's not right, a part of me is no more bright You were a colorful spirit, today wrapped in white. Passing through faded memories, image of you is still so clear everything you kept intact, will be shattered that I fear. I don't dare to talk to your son What would I say "THAT NOTHING CAN BE DONE" Daughter of yours is replica of your image My words will fall short as emotions can't be phrased Whom I call "UNCLE", is your husband World must have fallen apart for him with such a heavy bend I wish to turn back pages of life With you all around and no sad good byes Your laugh, warmth and struggle you had Every thought of you make tears trickle down my eyes Love You Aunt...Miss You A Lot

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I have read the others....but this is splendid work of art! Beautiful words :)


Quite passionate & touchy. Really a good piece of work 'again' 👌



Dedicated to those hearts, who feel a void when someone just goes way to far from where he can't come back.

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