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NOKIAN : It's never I, it is always We.

"Social distancing became a new Norm,

Work from home got its own charm"

"Economy slided to its newest dip,

we Nokians also took it's sip"

"matter was wheter to follow in the slide,

or do something to get back our pride."

"World would have thought that we might go down with all these crashes,

but here we came , rising from the ashes"

"We were slow but steady & to follow the chase,

finally we are up front in the race"

"First we made sure to hold our ground,

now we are pushing and smashes in every round"

"We started seeing a ray of hope,

when Corona was striking, we were getting wins for Europe."

"There was no difference in day & night,

everyone became warrior and gave a tough fight"

hard work started paying off

we started seeing Nokia again taking off

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This is something going to be close to my heart. I wrote it for Evan and he is going to inact on this in front of School. It makes me feel proud Ha!!Ha!! Ha!! laut Aaya hu main maanav, bankar ek sooks


It was not what it was it was"who he was" Life was moving on coming out of break up and stresses getting on Then there was a change!! not expected at all and totally out of range August was full of me

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Sep 30, 2020

Perfect, as always! And very well drafted too.. Good to see that Nokia is coming back in the game. Good luck to all the Nokians and keep going my best pal - You are a hub of talent and surely a jack of all trades! One to be admired..

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