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Dedicated to all those people who face this almost everyday in their corporate life and impact their personal one as well. Hats off to you all who pull through this everyday with a smile and bear such people in your life who actually need to understand that one can't rule or mentor someones Chi(Spirit). Please let me know , how you feel about this !!!!

Flaunting my bad,

demeaning the facts. talking about equality,

though not considering a bit Hypocrite!!! The way I walk and usually talk,

Bothers you much. your ego doesn't settle Judgmental!!! Tough for you to be in your life, trying to carve out mine with knife. you blew my pride, mocked every part of it. HYPOCRITE!!! Your insecurities , u bestow on me pretending my mentor, u feed on my chi. do's and don'ts , u showcase with petal. Judgmental Stressed for you, Can't give you a smile, Here comes the boss, need to do for a while. Love is here but livelihood lies there, You will adjust but he won't fit. I AM Hypocrite!! I follow my heart you should follow mine, Yours only beats but righteous is mine. wisdom of mine is meant for yours, your wishes & thoughts no one cares. You being happy without my consent might be lethal U R HYPOCRITE & JUDGMENTAL!!

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May 06, 2020

Extremely well written. One more excellent piece of work!

May 06, 2020

Extremely well written. One more excellent piece of work!

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