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It was not what it was

it was"who he was"

Life was moving on

coming out of break up and stresses getting on

Then there was a change!!

not expected at all and totally out of range

August was full of mess,

and Sep'2010, I was in Texas

Was not sure of destiny and didn't know what to do

But seems Thy was writing something else in my life


You made me something, out of nothing

when I barely new to walk and was still giving a try

you gave me wings and taught me to fly

Those 4 years of journey from ten to fourteen

It was you because of whom, I fulfilled my dreams

How much I grow, whatever I do

Couldn't have been possible if it was not "YOU"

Even today I dream of you all

Now I am standing tall & then barely used to CRAWL

I remember when we used to leave

how that little heart used to react and how I would feel

I might not be able to give you back

Whatever you did for me and our pack

My heart is filled with love for you both

You been the lamp, I felt like moth

I have so much to say and express too

One day will meet and say this to you

I might not be there & you might as well move

but you all stay in my heart, till the day it know

How to respect & LOVE!!!

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Thanks Avnish, you have been always the first and best, to admire my things.

Jun 15, 2020

Could sense what you must have felt while penning it down, while I was reading! Good one bro, as always.. :)

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